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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to remove my clothing like with many other forms of massage therapy or can the Bowen technique be applied through my clothes?

You remain fully clothed throughout the entire treatment. Bowen can be applied through any type of clothing.

How is the Bowen technique actually applied to the body?

The technique involves a series of cross-fibre maneuvers over very specific points on the body, much like plucking a guitar string. This vibration is what stimulates the sensory receptors to send their signal to the central nervous system, thus, beginning the unwinding process.

Why do you apply the technique not only to my areas of pain but also to other additional areas that are not painful to me?

The body functions as an integrated system. A compensation in one area of the body can create pain in another area. Sometimes the primary area of dysfunction is not at the site of your pain. The Bowen technique targets all areas of compensation and dysfunction related to your pain.

Why might I feel odd sensations, like shifting aches or hot and cold flushes, in the days following Bowen therapy?

It takes the body many days to unwind after the Bowen technique has been applied. As the body removes the compensations that have been addressed, whatever has been hiding underneath will come to the surface. These reactions can manifest in many different ways, will differ from person to person, and is a positive sign that your body is returning to a better state of wellbeing.

give the Bowen technique a try.

All you have to lose is pain.